Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Did you know that there are many types of smoke and fire that can potentially damage your home or business? Maher Remodeling, Restoration & Construction does, and we know how to handle all the types of fire, smoke, or soot damage that can occur quickly.

Types of fire and smoke damage include:

  • Protein Fires: These fires include things like stove-top grease fires, burned or charred meat, fish, or fowl, and obnoxious odors.
  • Wood and Paper Fires: Many attic fires, fireplace puff-backs, trash can fires, and general home fires fall into this category, when the wood structure of the building is involved.
  • Synthetic Fires: These fires are made up of carpet, upholstered furniture, electrical fires, or fires involving plastic materials.
  • Wet Smoke: Wet smoke is generated from low-heat, smoldering fires with a pungent odor, and can often feel tacky and sticky.
  • Dry Smoke: Dry smoke is generated from fast-burning, high-temperature fires, and the residue tends to be non-smearing, loose particles.
  • Candle Smoke: Smoke from a carbon source can cause irreparable damage and a greasy substance.
  • Protein Smoke: This smoke is virtually invisible, but is detected by discoloration to paints and varnishes and an extreme, pungent odor.

At Maher Remodeling, Restoration & Construction, we know how to safely and properly restore fire and smoke damage. It is very important to not try to clean up soot or other residue on your own! Using incorrect chemicals can cause additional damages and costs. Our professional team will use environmentally friendly cleaning products to remove the soot residue from your home or business, and will also assist you with any additional restoration services needed due to the fire.

We offer 24/7 emergency services, so if your home or business has experienced fire or smoke damage, contact us right away. Let us help you restore your residential or commercial property and get your life back to normal again.