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Jim Maher and his team were professional, thorough and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with water, mold and putting a house back together. Jeff M.
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I’ve had mold issues in my home for years and cannot find the cause… I finally feel like someone has listened to me and will help me figure this out once and for all! Dr. Paula R.
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Had a plumbing emergency at the house it was after most places closed… the actual owner of the company Jim came over our house about 8 at night. Jason H.
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Mold Removal Services in Oakland County, Walled Lake, MI

Our Mold Removal Process

When your home or building's moisture level increases exponentially due to leaking or flooding of water in a space, it creates the perfect environment for mold growth to occur. It can take less than 48 hours for your home to become a petri dish of mold at various stages. Whether the first signs are a musty order or slick, dark spots on a surface, your home or business can quickly become contaminated with allergens and irritants that can lead to serious health consequences if left untreated. Maher provides mold removal services to help you keep your family and employees safe, and our four-step process ensures that your mold problem is removed professionally as quickly as possible.

Our remediation process includes:

  1. Identify the source of the water or moisture.
  2. Evaluate the mold and develop a removal plan based on your specific needs.
  3. Professionally contain and remediate the mold.
  4. Test to ensure all mold spores have been removed from surfaces, as well as the air.
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Leave the Mold Removal to the Professionals

Mold is everywhere, but when spore counts are elevated indoors, pay attention.  At the first sign of mold, usually a musty odor or visual growth on surfaces, it is important that you call a professional mold removal company.  Attempting to clean up the mold on your own using household cleaners can result in illness and the spreading of mold spores throughout your home or business.

Until you hire a professional mold removal company, it is best to leave the mold untouched. The more it is interacted with, the more likely it will spread. If you do detect mold in your home, contact us for an evaluation. Our office is centrally located in Walled Lake, and we service all of Oakland County for mold removal projects.

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Call Maher for All Your Mold Cleanup Needs

Our team undergoes rigorous mold removal training to ensure that every home or business is free of unsafe levels of mold, every time. We are constantly learning the latest industry standards to provide the superior service you expect when you call Maher. Using our specialized mold removal techniques, our certified technicians can mitigate and eliminate your mold problem quickly without allowing it to spread to other areas.

Our technicians follow the strict industry standards established by the IICRC to remove the mold and clean the areas in which it lived. Don’t wait until mold affects your employee's health. At the first signs of a mold disaster, contact Maher right away!

Hire the team certified in mold removal.

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