Restoration & Remodeling Company

Maher Remodeling, Restoration & Construction has grown to become a specialized part of the insurance restoration industry and prides itself on being a professional restoration and remodeling company.  Maher Remodeling, Restoration & Construction is led by active, hands-on ownership and backed by a highly qualified management team and skilled trades’ personnel.


To build confidence and provide the highest quality products to our clients. Maher embraces this vision to this day. Our core values reflect this.

  1. Committed to making every day an enjoyable and fun workplace
  2. Firm and constant support to our team and our clients
  3. Having integrity in all that we do
  4. Continuous growth and success through progressive and new ideas

The company continues to build confidence with our clients and the communities in which we serve by providing a high standard of ethics, integrity and loyalty to everyone involved in our projects. To learn more about Maher Remodeling, Restoration & Construction, please contact us.