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  • Comment: We moved in to a new house and the cat pee smell was horrendous. (Who knows what happened between purchase/inspection and our possession.) We found mold and wet floors under the old carpet, and the new carpet couldn't be installed. This was the Friday before Labor Day. I called Karen at Maher Restoration, and Jim Maher himself came out to take a look at everything on Tuesday (the next business day). He was very considerate of our position and timeline, and wanted to be sure he wasn't going to go above our budget. The next day, Ray and Jeff came in and got the carpets ripped out, cleaned up the mold and treated the cat urine. Ray made sure that everything would be cleaned up and even did a second treatment in some places the next morning (today) when coming to pick up the fans and equipment that ran overnight and to remove the plastic they left over the treatment. Jim even threw in a can of Zinsser from their supply for me to seal a few spots after they're fully dry, before the new carpet goes down. Everyone has been great to work with, and Maher has been a ray of light in this truly horrible ordeal. Now we can finally get our new carpets laid and finally move in to the upstairs level of our new house.
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