Damage Restoration Services for Schools/Colleges in Detroit

From a small, private school to a large college campus, Maher understands how valuable a school or educational facility is to the community in which it is located. Damages to the campus, whether caused by water or mold, could delay class schedules and reduce the capacity for staff and students. We’re equipped with professional knowledge, experience, and resources to swiftly restore the campus to pre-loss condition and put students back in the classrooms.

If your apartment school or college in Oakland, Wayne, or elsewhere in Detroit needs assistance with water removal, water damage restoration, or mold remediation, call 248-368-0807 to set up a consultation.

Why Maher for School/College Damage Restoration


In order to restore your school or college, our highly qualified personnel and project management team have the expertise, abilities, and industrial equipment. Here are a few more reasons for you to pick us.

  • licensed & insured company
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • 4,800 Projects Completed
  • Background Tested
  • In Business Since 2004
  • Directly work with the insurance company

Services We Offer To School/College

We cover almost every section of school or college. The followings are a few:

  • Community Colleges
  • Preschool and Nursery Schools
  • High School and Academies
  • Community Colleges
  • Gymnasium, Sports Complex, and Stadiums
  • Libraries
  • Private Learning Centers
  • Boarding & Preparatory Schools
  • Technical Colleges

Contact Us To Restore The Beauty of Your School & College

Maher has been providing restoration services throughout Detroit whether it is for apartments, commercial buildings, schools, or colleges with the reputation of being a brand. We have the proper equipment and expertise to meet the peak satisfaction of our customers. So, if you are in need of any water damage restoration or mold damage restoration, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 248-368-0807.