Water Damage Cleanup & Mold Removal in Detroit

When your house or workplace has been flooded, every second matters. Mold will begin to develop if your quick water damage restoration attempts are in vain. Mold treatment is also required at this time to save your money and properties.

Maher Water Damage Cleanup & Mold Removal is a restoration firm in Detroit that specializes in water damage cleanup, mold removal, and improving indoor air quality. Please contact us at 248-368-0807 if you require any cleaning services.

Restoration Services Provided by Maher

At Maher Water Damage Cleanup & Mold Removal, we stand by our WOW Guarantee for all of our customers. The following are some of the most popular services we offer to Detroit residents:

Our professionals utilize high-grade industrial equipment to clean and clear your house of mold, as well as any mold spores from the air, just like they do with water damage repair. This guarantees that your home's interior air quality remains safe. Finally, water damage repair is the process of drying your house and possessions prior to the need for mold cleanup. Mold cleanup is the outcome of failing to respond quickly enough to the water damage issue. This is why you should have a restoration company you know and trust.

Mold Removal

Reasons to Choose Maher Water Damage Cleanup & Mold Removal in Detroit

  • Licensed & Insured
  • We are in Business since 2004
  • Background-check & Drug-Tested Employees
  • WOW Guarantee
  • We have RIA & IICRC-Certified Technicians 

Rely on Us for Getting Best Restoration Service in Detroit

Our water damage restoration specialists are well-versed in the causes and consequences of water damage, and they employ the most efficient drying, cleaning, and restoration techniques in each case. If you require water damage restoration or mold removal services, you can call us at 248-368-0807 or visit us online.