Mold Removal Service from Water Leak in Ceiling near Detroit

Mold from a water leak is always a matter of headache, right? As we all know it will be worse time by time. So, it should be solved as soon as possible. These water damage repair experts have the training and experience to swiftly alleviate the damage to your wood floors, walls, and other impacted property and avoid further difficulties, such as mold growth, from developing.

Even a tiny leak must be addressed right away to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem later on. To avoid delaying the inevitable, contact Maher to get a superior mold removal service. So, call today at 248-368-0807 or contact us online.

Signs of Leaking in Ceiling

  • Water Stain: Stains on walls, ceilings, or attics are common symptoms of water damage to the ceiling. In the event of a leak in your home, you should have it checked out as soon as possible.
  • Peeling paint: If the water or moisture stays in one place on the ceiling for an extended period of time, the paint will flake or peel.
  • Ceiling discoloration: Inconsistent water leaks are the primary cause of ceiling discoloration or water spots. Rings of discoloration may form and feel dry at times.
  • Saggy ceiling: if the ceiling is covered with waterproofing materials or solutions, water accumulates and the coating begins to droop as a result of the leak source.

Benefits of Choosing Maher

  • Company with a license and insurance
  • A 24-hour emergency service
  • 4,800 Projects successfully completed
  • Proper equipment
  • Background Tested
  • About two decades of experience
  • Directly work with the insurance company

We have mold removal specialists you can trust in Armada, Belleville, and Dearborn if you have a mold damage emergency. Let us take care of your mold damage issues. Call us today at 248-368-0807 or contact us online.