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Attic Water Damage Restoration in Detroit & Troy

One of the biggest reasons for attic water damage is a leaky roof. That often is accompanied by wood rot, mold growth, and other types of water damage that can create structural damage to your home or office in Walled Lake, Troy, Novi, Allen Park & throughout the Metro Detroit area. To combat this situation, you need attic water damage restoration services from the IICRC-certified & RIA-certified technicians at Maher Restoration.

Since 2004, our crews have been helping commercial & residential property owners throughout the Greater Detroit area with all types of restoration-related services. We can help you, too. To learn more, call 248-368-0807 or click here to schedule attic water damage restoration services today in Detroit, Pontiac, Ann Arbor, or Ypsilanti.

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Stop Attic Water Damage with Maher in Allen Park

Roof leaks, appliance failure, & even poor ventilation can cause attic water damage, which can trigger mold to grow in your attic. Molds can hinder the quality of breathable air inside your home as well as cause structural damage to your property. That it why it is imperative to stop attic water damage ASAP before it morphs into mold growth.

In such situations, Maher’s mold remediation specialists can help you out effectively & affordably. We have years of experience in restoring structural mold damage for customers throughout the Detroit Metro area.

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Water Damage Restoration Services by Maher in Detroit

Maher offers a wide variety of water damage restoration services to protect both businesses & homes located across the Metro Detroit area. Our water damage restoration services include:

Trust Us for Attic Water Damage Cleanup in Livonia & Novi

When you call Maher during the early stage of your battle with attic water damage, our IICRC-certified crews can restore the damages and prevent the issue from morphing into mold damage. Our professional-grade water damage cleanup crews & water extraction processes eliminate moisture & prevent mold infestations. For emergency help with your attic water damage, call us at 248-368-0807 or click here to schedule attic water damage restoration services today in Livonia, Novi, Detroit, Pontiac, and Ypsilanti.