Main Water Line Break

Main Water Line Break Repair Service in Metro Detroit, MI

A home or business property owner may go through several problems related to the property. The main water line break is one of the most devastating problems a homeowner can go through. It can cause flooding on your property. Moreover, it can also cause damage to your property’s foundation.

If a hole or crack or break is developed in your main water line, the water leaking from your main line will reach your property’s surface. The water will continue to flow until the break or crack is repaired. But if there is already a crack in your main water line or the line is broken, you need not worry. Professionals from Maher will take care of the damage.

If you are a resident of Oakland, Detroit, Auburn Hills, Walled Lake, and other cities throughout our service area, choose Maher for water damage restoration services 24/7. You can call at 248-368-0807 to learn more about our services.

Main Water Line Break

Signs That Your Main Water Line May Be Broken

The followings are some of the signs that give a hint of a broken main water line.

  • Dirty, Rusty, or Bad-Smelling Water
  • Unusually High Water Bill
  • Puddles in the Front Yard
  • Wet Spots on Floors, Walls, or Ceilings
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Potholes or Sinkholes
  • Sounds of water running
Main Water Line Break Repairing

Why Choose Maher

Following qualities of our company will convince you to take our service.

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  • Background Tested
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  • RIA & IICRC Certified

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