Reviews for Maher Water Damage Cleanup & Mold Removal

  • Comment: MAHER RESTORATION helped me during a home Emergency in October, 2020 when I came home to find my toilet exploding water during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

    Two Maher technicians (Ray and Mike) arrived immediately. After they calmed me, they explained step by step what they they were going to do throughout my house. Ray and Mike always wore protective gear
    and always called an hour before they arrived. I’ve never had to call a restoration company in 30 years of being a homeowner so I was scared at first, but I immediately felt comfortable and trusted them during this stressful home emergency...especially during an already stressful time of Covid 19 Pandemic.

    Ray and Mike showed up everyday in professional, well stocked Maher trucks and wore “Team Maher” clothing every day making it easy for me to identify the professional crew working in my home. Ray and Mike did an excellent job prepping my house before demolishing the water and mold damaged areas. Upon their arrival on Day one, they first put up containment areas and floor coverings throughout my house to protect my family, my dog, and my flooring from dust and mold.

    Ray and Mike came out to my house every day and always called an hour ahead of time. Karen from Maher Headquarters called me on a regular basis from day one to check in on me and my family. Karen is great! She always found a way to make me laugh during a highly stressful time in my home. Karen was able to handle all the details with my insurance company and kept me updated on a regular basis.

    The owner of Maher Restoration also came out to my house to ensure that I was 100% satisfied. I really feel that this company will do whatever it takes to make sure that their operations run smoothly during an unexpected chaotic emergency in my home to protect me, especially during a pandemic.
    Ray and Mike finished the water and mold mitigation repairs ahead of schedule and really put this hindering nightmare to rest.

    Thank you to Ray, Mike, Karen, Jim snd the rest of the staff at Maher Restoration!
    You all showed compassion and patience. You all made me feel so special and valued as a client by making me feel like part of the “ Maher Team”
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Angie and Daisy
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